• Uses For Coconut Oil

  • Supports A Healthy Body - Natural foods have many ways of making our bodies function more efficiently. Natural coconut oil is no different. Your immune system, energy levels, endurance, digestion, and skin health are all supported by the natural properties of coconut.


    Tooth decay, gum disease, osteoporosis, and a wide range of other diseases are all linked to excessive processed food consumption, but natural coconut oil doesn't contribute to health problems nearly as much.


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    Healthy Fat MCFAs - Consuming MCFA's has a myriad of health benefits a lot of people don't get to experience because of their lack of natural food consumption. Caprylic, Lauric, and Capric Acid are coconut oil MCFA's that contribute to healthy energy and boost our metabolism.


    Easily Digestible - While highly processed oils require a significant amount of "health reserves" in order to turn the processed foods we eat into energy, coconut oil is much gentler. When we consume hydrogenated oils in excess, our bodies easily become depleted of the health support needed to make use of the food.


    Anti-Microbial / Anti-Fungal - Coconut oil is well known to add a bit of bacteria-fighting power to a meal. Sure, it's not going to cure your bacteria problems straight away, and you shouldn't expect it to, but it's not as conducive to bacterial growth as processed oils, and that's a fact!


    Adds Variety To Your Diet - A diet that consists of the same old thing week in and week out is harmful! Our bodies are designed to make use of the entire spectrum of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more. Adding coconut oil to your diet gives you a boost of variety, a new taste to enjoy, and less mealtime stress!


    There are Many Uses For Coconut Oil Besides Cooking And Eating


    Hair Treatment - Split ends can be easily repaired using coconut oil. Simply apply coconut oil to your hair, cover it with a shower cap, and leave on for 1-2 hours to penetrate. Then, thoroughly rinse it away!


    Lip Balm - When mixed with beeswax, coconut oil makes a wonderful lip balm. Beeswax works great together with the coconut oil to be molded into a size and shape that stays true and easy to apply to your lips.


    Face Refresher - Dirt and toxins are naturally attracted to coconut oil and get trapped in the thickness and density of the oil easily. Over time, drawing out toxins through your skin with coconut oil brings about fantastic results.


    Body Lotion - Raw coconut oil can be mixed with essential oil(s) to give you a variety of different lotion combinations. The coconut oil keeps the essential oils from evaporating and adds additional skin nourishing abilities to the oil.


    Shave Oil - Coconut oil works wonderfully to prevent nicks and cuts from shaving. The naturally protective and gliding properties of coconut nourish skin and prevent razor burn!


    Tooth Whitener - You can bring old, faded teeth new life and brightness by swishing with coconut oil for 15 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week.


    Furniture Polish - When mixed with lemon juice and vinegar, you can create a furniture spray to makes wood shine like brand new. Just wipe it away after a few minutes for a luxurious luster.


    Insect Repellent - Mixed with peppermint oil, using coconut oil as a base to extend the oils lifespan works very well to keep bugs away.


    Is Coconut Oil Good For Acne? Yes! - Coconut oil for acne significantly reduces breakouts and gets you on your way to clearer, healthier skin. Caprylic acid, well known for its astringent properties, is a common ingredient in over the counter acne products.


    So in answer to the question, is coconut oil good for acne, yes without a doubt! And if your friends ask does coconut oil help acne, just show them the results of less breakouts from using it. Teens are especially aware of products that help with skin problems.


    Coconut oil for acne is one of the ways teens can use to fight the problem of excessive sebum while growing up. When their friends ask, "Is coconut oil good for acne, or, does coconut oil help acne?", they can respond with their coconut oil mixtures and methods, as well as other ways to keep it under control.


    Coconut Oil For Nails - The health of your cuticles and the keratin in your nails LOVES coconut oil. Left to soak into nails, you'll see that coconut oil for nails improves nail health a lot!


    Coconut Oil In Coffee - Coffee can be made in MANY different ways, with MANY different ingredients, but have you ever tried coconut oil in coffee? Many people think it makes for a delicious added ingredient, with its smooth texture and taste.


    How To Choose Coconut Oil - The Different Grades, Extraction Processes, And More!


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    A Combination Approach Of Natural AND Processed Products For A Healthier Lifestyle


    Coconut oil is one of the many ways you can choose to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle. But it's very helpful to mention that refined products definitely have their place in serving a purpose.


    Consider refined cleaning products for example. Natural products are almost always gentler, being unrefined and unconcentrated, so why would you want to use gentler, WEAKER cleaning products that don't get the job done? It doesn't make sense.


    Many people use the following methodology to make sense of all the "natural living" promotion they hear going on. Use refined/concentrated products when they do a better job, and natural products when they do a better job. So a harmonious relationship with both varieties. Decide between using processed/refined AND/OR natural, or a combination of the two, and live healthier!


    Coconut Oil Is Very Dense And Potent - A Little Goes A Long Way


    When most people see the cost of coconut oil advertised online, they immediately exclaim how high the cost is and are disappointed/deterred from buying it. But what most people don't know about coconut oil who have never used it before, is how dense it is!


    Just one tablespoon is enough to prepare MANY meals and pound-for-pound, it works out to about the same cost as processed/refined oils. Plus, you get the added benefit of working with an oil that's more natural and closer to what nature intended.


    Refined coconut oil, which is a specific grade of coconut oil, has a shelf life of 18 months - 2 years. You may sometimes see small flecks of pieces within coconut bars/oils. But don't let that bother you, as a few tiny pieces of coconut shell left in the final product is a normal part of the preparation process.


    Coconut Oil That's Going Bad - Don't Throw It Out!


    Coconut oil that's just starting to go rancid doesn't have to be thrown out. You can use it for many household purposes in place of mainstream products, such as a replacement for WD-40, or as a makeup remover.


    You can also use coconut oil to bring a shine to leather, dissolve soap scum in the shower, clean metal items, fix squeaky hinges, unstick stuck zippers, soak cotton balls in coconut oil to start campfires, and much more!


    It's hard to believe the amount of uses for coconut oil there are, and if you've been going without it in your household, you've been missing out on the many ways coconut oil can save you (especially in times of trouble.)


    Coconut Oil Makes A Great Gift Idea - Share Your Knowledge With Friends And Family


    Because it's cheap, and there are so many ways you can use it to make life easier, knowing how to work with coconut oil is a highly valuable skill to have. Giving coconut oil mixes/preparations as gifts, as well as teaching people you know how to use it properly reduces their stress levels and shows them how much you care!


    There's tons of household, hygiene, and cooking challenges that can be remedied through the use of coconut oil, and the more skilled you get at using it, the happier you'll become!


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